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The 3 Questions That Will Lead You to Your Dream Barn

Sometimes we help relocate clients to new barns. Maybe they are moving states, maybe they are getting new horses, or sometimes, their needs simply change. Of course, budget is always a large factor in choice, but there are so many more things to consider when you choose!

Here are the first three questions we ask when helping someone make the move:

1. What level of service are you looking for?

Boarding Barns come in service levels varying from you simply renting a stall and doing all the work yourself to all-inclusive training packages for serious competitors who still have a life outside of horses (ok we know there is no life outside of horses 😉).

Several factors go into this decision. How much time do you have to dedicate to riding each week? How many horses do you have? How much do you know about horse care already?

2. How competitive do you want to be?

Sure, most people who compete want to win, but wanting it and training for it are two different things.

Are you someone who wants to go to a horse show a couple of times a year and enjoy the experience or do you need a team behind you that is going to design a full training program that puts you on the podium every weekend? Those are two very different programs.

3. What non-negotiables are there in your life that this barn has to accommodate?

This one is better if we list real-life examples we've seen.

- I can only ride/take lessons after 7 PM on weekdays.

- I want to be as competitive as possible, but only with this horse. I raised it from a foal so it's personal for me.

- My priority is to compete in Wellington each winter. To make this work financially, I need a barn that will not pressure me to compete heavily in the summer.

Barn rules and programs must be checked beforehand to make sure they can accommodate your specific requests.

At first glance, shopping around for a new barn seems easy. How much do I have to spend? And how much does each barn cost? But beyond budgets, your success and ultimate happiness hinge on answering more detailed questions.

Thinking of making a change? Let us help:

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