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Spring Strategy Sessions

Ahh Springtime! Longer days, birds chirping, spring cleaning, and wrapping up the end of the Winter Season.


Most of our clients are finishing up their last weeks at WEF and looking ahead to post-WEF shows and the great migration back up to northern states. With so many changes coming up, this is a great time to reflect on the winter, evaluate where we stand concerning our goals, and decide where adjustments need to be made.


How to run Springtime Strategy Sessions like a Next Step Client:


1.        Reflect

Hopefully, you have your goal list from last year in front of you (if not, now’s the time to start making quarterly goals!). Your goal list should be more than just, “Win lots of blue ribbons.” Blue ribbons happen, but there is more to the picture. It should look something like this:

-              Consistently get changes at 2’6

-              Jump clear around 90% of all my 1.20 classes

-              Get comfortable jumping 3’ courses at the horse show

-              Qualify for 2     fill in the blank    classes


These goals are the ingredients for blue ribbons. Did you meet them?

Evaluate: Where do you stand in relation to your goals? PC: Sportfot


2.        Evaluate

Did you fall short of your goals or did you meet and surpass them? And the most important question of all is, “What helped you attain or held you back from your goals?” What do you attribute your success or failure to? Did your horse have a soundness issue halfway through the season? Did you struggle with the water jump all season? Did you struggle with nerves at a new level that you didn’t anticipate? Or did you learn that your horse really loves the new pad your farrier tried on his feet and he’s killing it in the hunter ring this year? Did the new groom you hired give you and your horse the consistent support you needed to focus on your job in the ring?


3.        Decide

If you fell short of your winter goals and you’ve identified why that happened, what needs to change to get you back on track for your Spring goals? Do you need to jump more jumps in the week but the budget for a second show horse isn’t there? Maybe it’s time for a practice horse at home. Did you surpass your winter goals and are now navigating the possibilities? Is your child going to college next fall and we need to take this into account? This is where Next Step really shines. We get creative to help problem solve or plan for the next big thing because our team has been there and navigated everything from adult amateurs jumping cross rails to qualifying for the Olympics.



Ready to get into the details in your next Strategy Session? Invite Next Step into the conversation. Your first consultation is on us. Email

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