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Should I turn my equine hobby into a business?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Horses as a hobby are expensive no matter how you play the game. To really enjoy the experience, you have to budget. (Sometimes creatively; funny math to justify to your significant other how that third horse arrived in the barn? 🙋‍♀️)

This is where the financial support and tax benefits of an equine-related business can help!

An equine-related business supports you with:

- Income

- Tax breaks

- Easy ways to advertise through what you are already doing

- A niche market (higher prices!)

- More time and freedom to do what you love

How Does It Work?

In equine-related businesses, your "hobby horses" can become advertising for these businesses. Think about how much you advertise for other companies with your horses. What products do you use? What advertising space is being taken by other companies?

The best part? Your greatest asset may be the business are you already trained in!

A great example is Ringside MD's - Licensed doctors that travel from horse show to horse show providing on-the-spot care. Genius! Horse people ALWAYS need medical professionals around. Plus, this is incredibly convenient when we are on the road traveling! This is a niche service that is sure to be copied!

Setting up a legitimate business that supports your hobby financially is every riders dream. It just so happens that this is not nearly as difficult or scary as it might sound.

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