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Next Step is now ASEA certified and what equine appraisal means for you.

What's my horse worth?

Regardless of how you answer that question, one thing is certain. What your horse is worth to you is likely different than what your horse is worth on the open market, And unless your horse is currently for sale, it probably doesn't matter to you.

But there are times when it does matter.

- When a horse is caught in the middle of a divorce.

- When a horse becomes part of an estate sale.

- When an owner files a claim on a horse.

- When a horse is donated.

- When an owner is audited.

- Anytime a court or legal entity is involved in a horse's valuation.

What equine appraisal means for you

When you need to establish past, present, or future market values of horses for purposes such as charitable donations, insurance policies and claims, divorce, estate settlements, and litigation, Next Step has your back.

The American Society of Equine Appraisers (ASEA) is the nation's ONLY appraisal association exclusively for horse appraisers. Your appraiser is held to the highest standards in the business. (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice - USPAP)

Additionally, Next Step can provide valuation analysis for any type of farm equipment such as:

- tractors

- tractor attachments

- equine walkers

- equine treadmills

- water spigots

- horse jumps

- any kind of farm equipment

In need of an equine appraiser? Shoot us an email to start the conversation:


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