Your horses are substantial financial and emotional investments.

Next Step helps you manage your equine portfolio in a way that makes sense to your financial advisor, your heart, and your trainer.

How We Do It:

Learning through experimentation is difficult and costs you time and money. 

As successful horse professionals in the Hunter/Jumper industry, we use our vast knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your horses from outside of your client/trainer relationship, which means that we can help you invest in what's right for you, not what's good for our wallet. 


When you join our team, you are gaining access to our top-notch farriers and veterinarians and the lawyers and accountants that specialize in equine affairs. 


Let us help you legitimize your business, understand how to sell horses internationally, manage charitable donations, and more.



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Legal, Financial, Veterinary 

Your equine purchases are investments in your future self's happiness. Take advantage of the benefits of legitimizing your business, understand the implications of buying/selling horses in the US and abroad, or find a trusted Veterinarian for a second opinion. Our network of contacts can give you advice outside of the world of commissions and paybacks so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your horses.  

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Horse Sales

Sale Horse Journey

Selling a horse isn't so easy as just listing it online. We find that the most difficult part of selling is identifying the right market for a horse. For example: Having little luck selling your older packer on the "A" circuit? Why not give your horse a chance to dominate on a smaller circuit? Leasing that horse instead can go a long way toward helping you pay to play. We can help you navigate selling, leasing, and donating in ways that align with your long-term goals. 

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Identifying Investment Opportunites

Your hobby doesn't have to be a massive drain on your finances. As equine professionals without a stake in your purchases and sales, we can help you create and implement a clear investment strategy designed with your goals in mind. Through our team, you can access a worldwide network curated to help drive your path to growth.

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